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I am Noelle Garrett, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the field of dentistry, including six years as a dental assistant. I hold a Bachelor's in Business from Strayer University, underscoring my commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

In 2020 Covid-19 slowed down and even shut down a lot of great practices. This was a tipping point for me. Throughout my journey in dentistry, my passion for educating patients on the significance of oral health and the numerous advantages of maintaining healthy teeth was now as strong as my passion to help dentists grow and keep their practices open.

I understand firsthand the complexities and challenges of running a successful practice. In my tenure, I have found that establishing robust connections with both patients and dental teams has helped me identify key issues and challenges every practice faces.

This led me to a path of partnering with Avarr Webbing to create a software that addresses these very obstacles using a combination of business management, patient acquisition and retention automations. In this day and age, technology is always evolving and so is the software I've helped to put together. By partnering your practice with me, you are getting a dedicated team that will set up your software to automate this part of your business so it can run smoothly. Balancing clinical responsibilities with administrative tasks can be demanding but it does not have to be. I hope you schedule a call with me to find out how I and my team can help you.

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