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Running a dental practice involves significant overhead costs, including equipment, supplies, staffing, and facility maintenance.

Patient Acquisition and Retention does not have to be one of them! All the perks, one simple fee! The best part, we customize and set up everything for you.

Our Software Features

Our Software is designed with the following capabilities

Automated Appointment Reminders:

Set up automated appointment reminders via text or email to reduce no-shows and keep the schedule running smoothly.

Landing Pages for Special Offers:

Create dedicated landing pages for special dental offers, teeth whitening promotions, or new patient discounts.

Appointment Scheduling System:

Implement an online appointment scheduling system to allow patients to book appointments at their convenience. This improves the overall patient experience and reduces administrative workload.

Review Management:

Manage and request patient reviews. Positive reviews can enhance your practice's online reputation and attract new customers.

Lead Capture Forms:

Create lead capture forms on the website or through targeted campaigns to gather contact information from potential patients interested in specific services.

Text Message Marketing:

Use our SMS marketing features to send appointment reminders, follow-ups, and promotions directly to patients' phones.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Run email marketing campaigns to keep patients informed about dental care tips, upcoming promotions, and important updates from the practice.

Referral Programs:

Establish referral programs using our software to encourage existing patients to refer friends and family, offering incentives such as discounts on future services.

Social Media Integration:

Connect social media accounts to our software for seamless posting, scheduling, and tracking of social media campaigns to engage with the community and attract new patients.

Educational Webinars or Workshops:

Host educational webinars or workshops on dental health topics and use our software to manage registrations, send reminders, and follow up with attendees.

Client Communication Hub:

Use as a central hub for client communication, storing patient information securely, and maintaining organized records for personalized interactions.

Automated Follow-Up Campaigns:

Set up automated follow-up campaigns to check in with patients after procedures, send post-appointment care instructions, and gather feedback for continuous improvement.

Survey and Feedback Forms:

Create and send out satisfaction surveys or feedback forms to understand patients' experiences and identify areas for improvement.

Segmented Marketing Campaigns:

Utilize segmentation features to target specific patient groups with tailored marketing campaigns, such as age-specific promotions or specialized dental services.

Online Web Chat:

Implement an online chat feature on the practice's website using allowing potential patients to ask questions and get instant responses, enhancing customer service.

How to Attract New Patients into your Dental Practice?

As a dentist, your passion lies in transforming smiles and improving oral health. However, running a successful dental practice requires more than just clinical expertise—it requires a steady stream of patients walking through your door.

How many patients should a dentist see per day?

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Strategies for Dentists to Sell More of a Specific Treatment

Dentists can leverage technology to sell more of a specific service by implementing targeted marketing campaigns, streamlining communication with patients, and optimizing the patient journey. Here's a step-by-step guide on how dentists can achieve this goal

Simple Solutions to Keep Your Customers Smiling

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Strategies for Dentists to Sell More of a Specific Treatment

March 22, 20242 min read

Dentists can leverage technology to sell more of a specific service by implementing targeted marketing campaigns, streamlining communication with patients, and optimizing the patient journey. Here's a step-by-step guide on how dentists can achieve this goal:

  1. Identify the Target Audience: Before launching a marketing campaign, dentists should identify the target audience interested in the specific service they want to sell. This could include existing patients who may benefit from the service or individuals in the local community who have expressed interest in similar treatments.

  2. Create a Compelling Offer: Develop a compelling offer or promotion to incentivize patients to book the specific service. This could include discounts, package deals, or added value services to make the offer more attractive.

  3. Design a Targeted Marketing Campaign: Utilize marketing tools to design targeted campaigns aimed at promoting the specific service to the identified target audience. This could involve creating customized landing pages, email marketing sequences, and social media ads tailored to highlight the benefits of the service.

  4. Implement Automated Follow-Up: Set up automated follow-up sequences to nurture leads and encourage them to take action. Using technology that allows automatic follow-up emails, SMS reminders, and personalized communication to keep the service top of mind for potential patients is a plus.

  5. Track and Analyze Results: Monitor the performance of the marketing campaign using analytics tools. Track key metrics such as conversion rates, appointment bookings, and return on investment to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and make data-driven adjustments as needed.

  6. Optimize the Patient Journey: Ensure a seamless patient experience from initial inquiry to service delivery. Use automatic appointment scheduling, send pre-appointment reminders, and collect feedback after the service to continuously improve the patient journey and increase satisfaction.

By leveraging technology, marketing and automation tools, dentists can effectively promote and sell more of a specific service to their target audience, ultimately driving practice growth and success.

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